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By clicking the “I Accept” button you expressly make the following representations and warranties and give your consents as described below:

Sol Voltaics collects your personal data for the purposes of managing Sol Voltaics recruitment related activities. Consequently, Sol Voltaics may store and use your personal data in relation to the evaluation and selection of applicants including for example setting up and conducting interviews and tests, evaluating and assessing the results thereto and as is otherwise needed in the recruitment processes including the final recruitment.

Sol Voltaics does not disclose your personal data to unauthorized third parties. However, Sol Voltaics may from time to time also use third parties to act on Sol Voltaics behalf. You agree to the fact that to the extent necessary your personal data may be transferred and/or disclosed to relevant parties within Sol Voltaics as well as to third parties acting on Sol Voltaics behalf, including also transfers to servers and databases outside the country where you provided your personal data. Such transfers may include for example transfers and/or disclosures outside the European Economic Area and in the United States of America.

Sol Voltaics is responsible for the usage of your personal data. You have the right to access your registered personal data. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us by sending an email to anna.dahlen@solvoltaics.com.

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